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Rent Port-a-Johns – Construction Sites

Mesa Waste Services takes pride in providing the right portable toilet rental for your construction site. Whether your construction site is an urban high-rise, interstate highway, residential or remodel job, we want you to find what you’re looking for. Regardless of the size of your job, you can be assured we can help you accommodate all of your portable restroom needs. With all of the intricacies of the job site, finding the right portable toilet rental can add extra unnecessary work for any contractor. Mesa Waste Services wants to make one aspect of your job easy by locating porta potty rentals that accommodate your needs. Find which Porta potty is ideal for your next job site!

Construction Site Porta Potty

The productivity of your workforce is best when the right number of portable bathrooms are placed on your job site. We want your company to be at maximum productivity at all times and offer you the resources to do so. If your job site needs portable toilet rentals let us help. We have a few options which are our most popular options for construction sites. These include our job site porta pottys, and our high rise/half high portable toilets. 

A standard construction portable toilet unit is best for a wide range of jobs, or needs. It is easily moved, and placed. Has a 50-60 gallon holding tank, so it can be used plenty of times before needing to be serviced. Each holding tank is filled with 5 gallon of liquid chemical for breaking down waste. Our portable toilets have either an interchangeable sink, or urinal. Coming stocked with waterless hand cleaner, these units are perfect for so many different situations, and job sites.

Another popular unit for construction is our High Rise/ Half High Portable Toilet or our skyscraper portable toilet. This portable toilet can be hoisted by a crane, and is used almost exclusively on high-rise construction sites. These units are extremely portable, and have to be because of being high-rise portable toilets. 

High Rise Portable Toilet

At Mesa Waste Services we also have portable sinks which can be rented for job sites, or remodel sites. Construction sinks have double faucets, or more depending on what you need. Each sink comes with a foot pedal to pump fresh water, along with soap, and paper towel dispensers. 

Shower trailers are another item of rental equipment that we have in the case where a job is in a rural environment, these construction shower trailer rentals allow for showers to be taken remotely anywhere. These units can be hooked up to city water and sewage hookups, and a power outlet. If unavailable an options available for a portable water tank, a holding tank, and a generator these units are truly able to be taken off grid. 

If you have any questions regarding how much equipment you need, what equipment will be the best for you job site, or pricing feel free to give one of our experienced team members a call today! Or request an online quote today! At Mesa Waste Services we guarantee satisfaction, and with prompt delivery and set up. We know you will be pleased with the professionalism and quick delivery at your job site. 


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