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Alaska, also known as The Last Frontier, is filled with natural beauty and wonder. The second to last state to be admitted to the United States. Alaska is a place of wonder ranging from amazing wildlife such as bears, wolves, and moose, to majestic ice capped glaciers. Many from around the world come to see this wondrous “last frontier.” Alaska is also able to draw many visitors and tourists due to their many different festivals, events, and extravaganzas. Some of these exciting events include the Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race. One of the toughest races on earth. For 10 to 14 days, 50 dog sled teams consisting of one human musher, and 14 sled dogs. Will race for 1,000 miles across the arduous and rugged snow filled Alaska terrain. With the first 15 finishing teams splitting a prize. This showcases just one of the amazing events to take place in Alaska. Another one of these great events is the Fur Rendezvous Festival. A festival in which you may enjoy winter things such as snowshoe softball, running of the reindeer, and even a beard contest! With fun events such as these that bring in many different people from around the world. Portable restrooms are essential and a must! Mesa Waste Services is your ideal provider of all portable sanitation equipment in Alaska!

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At Mesa Waste Services we are completely focused on customer experience, this starts with initial contact, and doesn’t end until a job is completed! With focusing on the customer we can guarantee satisfaction, and a hassle free experience when trying to rent portable sanitation equipment. Mesa Waste Services carries a large array of different equipment to make sure that you receive what is needed for your next event. Some of the equipment we carry is portable toilets, portable sinks, restroom trailers, and shower trailers. Since we know needs differ for each event happening, whether it be a large event or a small wedding. You can be assured our experts will help you to find which equipment best fits your next event. Our portable toilets are great for a variety of different Alaska events. Each of our portable toilets come with a large interior so you can fit inside comfortably. Our portable toilets as well feature one toilet seat over a 50-60 gallon holding tank which contains 5 gallons of liquid chemical to break down waste. Our portable sinks come with a option of having one sink head, all the way up to four sink heads depending upon on how small or large your event may be.

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A benefit however, to be considered when getting a restroom, or shower trailer from Mesa Waste Services is that some of these units come with either heating or a/c. Heating can be particularly handy and comfortable in the frigid cold of the Alaska winter. Call Mesa Waste Services today to receive a quick and easy quote for your next event!

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