North Dakota Port-a-Potty Rentals

North Dakota also known as the peace garden state, is home to the beautiful and world renowned badlands. The badlands includes 244,000 acres of wild and untouched wilderness. Comprised of beautiful striking hills, and valleys, along with grass prairie. One of the main features of the stretching badlands is the large American bison that can generally be seen grazing across the land. Although the natural beauty of the badlands brings in many visitors from around the world. North Dakota has much more to offer including yearly celebrations, festivals, and events. Some of these annual events include the Big Iron Farm Show, and the United Tribes International Powwow. The Big Iron Farm Show brings in more than 800 different agricultural exhibitors each year with over 70,000 attendees who spend 3 days celebrating agriculture and exploring advances in the field. The United Tribes International Powwow is a wonderful cultural celebration, representing over 70 Native American tribes. This international powwow features 1,500 dancers and drummers, singers, and other performers from all over the United States and Canada. Over 20,000 spectators enjoy this event annually! For all festivals, events, and celebrations happening in North Dakota. Portable toilets, and other sanitation needs to be in place for the number of spectators attending. Mesa Waste Services is your #1 portable sanitation provider in North Dakota!

North Dakota Portable Sinks Near Me

At Mesa Waste Services we offer a large array of different sanitation equipment that is perfect for your next event. No event is too big, or too small for Mesa Waste Services, whether it be a small wedding, or a large festival with thousands of participants we have you covered! Our equipment includes portable sinks, portable toilets, shower trailers, and restroom trailers in North Dakota. Our portable toilets, also known as porta potties offer excellent versatility for both large, and small events. Our Portable toilets come with a nice enclosed spacious interior, that has a door that latches from the inside for privacy. Our portable sinks are also great for a wide range of different events. Each sink coming with one all the way up to four sink heads. Depending upon the number of attendees, or spectators at your next event.

Construction Site Bathroom Rentals

Our mobile shower trailer rentals in Grand Fork, North Dakota, restroom trailers, and other equipment are excellent for construction and work sites! This could be residential construction, commercial construction, or even oil drilling sites. Each of our self contained trailers come with many different options and abilities. Our shower trailers come with the option of 2 shower stalls, all the way up to 28 shower stalls. Depending on the size of the worksite, or those involved in working. Our trailers can be hooked to city power, and water, and sewage lines. If these are unavailable our trailers can come with water tanks, and generators. All of our equipment can be mobilized, and delivered quickly and efficiently by one of our experienced technicians. Call Mesa Waste services today for a fast, and quick quote for your portable sanitation solutions in North Dakota!

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