Renting Portable Restrooms in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a gorgeous Island country in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico is also a United States territory. Christopher Columbus discovered the luscious island of Puerto Rico in 1493. Puerto Rico is made up of very rich culture, and history. Drawing many tourists yearly to explore the magnificent jungle, and the stretching beaches. Puerto Rico in total has 270 miles of stretching beaches! As well as Rio Camuy cave park that has over 200 caves to explore! Besides the beauty and brilliance of the nature on this island. Puerto Rico has much to offer in terms of festivals, events, and celebrations. One of these being the San Sebastián Festival, held in the third week of January, this festival is a 4 day celebration celebrating the close of the Christmas season in Puerto Rico. This festival includes arts, crafts, different cultural events, and live music. For events, and festivals in Puerto Rico access to restrooms for those in attendance is a must! Mesa Waste Services is the leading provider in Puerto Rico for all your portable sanitation needs! We carry a large variety of different equipment to provide whatever need you may have at your next event. No event is too big or too small for Mesa Waste Services. It could be a wedding on the beach, or a large celebration in San Juan. Mesa Waste Services will be there!

Puerto Rico Sanitation Equipment Near Me

Our equipment offerings include porta potty rentals in Puerto Rico , portable sinks, shower trailers, and restroom trailers. Our portable toilets are among our most versatile offerings, and can be used for a variety of events. Each of our portable toilets boast a comfortably sized interior, and a door that can be locked from the inside for privacy.

Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Restroom Trailers

Natural disaster can strike unexpectedly and without any notice. Such was the case with Hurricane Maria in which the whole island of Puerto Rico was covered in feet of rain, and hit by 150 mph winds. 1 million people were left without power, and many still didn’t have power for over a month after the hurricane hit. Infrastructure including roads and homes were devastated. Running water was also non existent. In times of disaster and disaster relief, Mesa Waste Services can quickly mobilize and deliver restroom trailer rentals in Puerto Rico, and shower trailers to affected areas. Our self contained shower trailers, and restroom trailers have the ability to hook up to city power lines. As well as hooking up to city water and sewage lines. When these are unavailable our trailers can come with a generator and large water tank so they truly can be placed anywhere. Our shower trailer rentals in Puerto Rico range in size and can have only 2 shower heads, all the way to 28 shower heads depending on the needs at the time. Call Mesa Waste Services today, or fill out one of our online quote request forms to speak with an expert to be able to figure out what equipment and how much of it you will need at your next event!

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