Rent Porta-Potties in the Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands a U.S. territory, known for both being beauty as well as being majestic. The Virgin Islands are made up of three main islands including Saint John, Saint Thomas, and Saint Croix, and surrounded by other more minor islands. The Virgin Islands offer crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and natural beauty to be held everywhere. These islands are home to year round activities, as well as large tourism. St. Croix holds an annual Agrifest which is the largest agriculture festival in the entirety of the Caribbean. The carnival in St. John’s celebrates and annually commemorates the emancipation of slaves in the Virgin Islands on July 3, 1848. In St. Thomas the carnival tradition spans back 100 years ago, this carnival on St. Thomas is the second largest festival in the Virgin Islands. With all of these massive festivals and celebrations portable sanitation solutions such as portable toilets, and portable sinks have to be in place! For all your portable sanitation needs in the Virgin Islands look no further then Mesa Waste Services. Servicing all of the major Virgin Island cities we offer premier service, and prompt delivery, with experienced technicians.

Virgin Island Portable Restroom and Sink Rentals Near Me

Our portable toilets, and sinks are excellent for increased traffic and visitation due to festivals and events, they also are excellent for weddings on the beach, where a regular bathroom may not be readily available. Our portable toilets come with a door that can be locked from the inside and are large enough for an adult to comfortably fit inside. Each of our portable toilets generally come stocked with seat covers, toilet paper, and waterless hand sanitizer. Our portable toilets also are ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. These units are excellent for a wide range of events. Portable sinks provide an excellent place for a wash station ranging from 1 to 4 sinks, these units are excellent for providing a place to clean hands when there may be many in attendance.

Shower Trailer for Disaster Relief

Mesa Waste Services also offers portable sanitation solutions for disaster relief. Recently due to the terrible damage and ravaging effects of hurricanes Irma and Maria on the Virgin Islands. The power grid went entirely down, water was also very scarce. Many residents and those in visiting the islands had no restrooms to use or places to bathe. Mesa Waste Services for times like these offers both self contained restroom trailers in Virgin Islands, and self contained Virgin Island shower trailers. Restroom trailers are private, and comfortable for high traffic areas. Shower trailers offers hot showers, and a place to clean up to those affected by tragedy, as well as those working to help with recovery and aid. Our trailers are extremely portable and can be mobilized very quickly. No matter what area of these cities may be affected you can be assured that Mesa Waste Services will deliver. Fill out an online quote request form, or call us today! Speak with one of our experts to find what equipment best suits your needs, and for a quick and easy quote!

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