Portable Toilet Rental for Wedding

Weddings are often a time of gathering together of your most close friends and family to celebrate a monumental moment in your life. Since this is such a huge occasion. Generally the often standard wedding in a church house, has blossomed into finding a venue or location for the wedding that matches the specific tastes of the couple where their family and friends can celebrate with them. This can include venues or locations that generally aren’t equipped with bathrooms for all your guests. Making it more popular to get a wedding portable toilet. At Mesa Waste Services we are committed to providing affordable, wedding portable toilets, shower trailers, and restroom trailers. Just because your having a wedding somewhere that needs bathrooms doesn’t mean you have to just get any porta potty rental for wedding. But can instead be able to rent one of our solutions that will surely not distract from your wedding and ceremony but will simply enhance it. No one wants out of all the major responsibilities that come with planning a wedding, to have bathroom solutions be one of your major worries. Let Mesa Waste Services take care of it and put your worries at ease. Mesa Waste Services always delivers on time and with complete satisfaction! Below are some of the options you have for wedding Porta Potty. Or learn how much does it cost to rent a porta potty for a wedding?

Porta Potty Rentals for Celebrations

Celebrations come in many forms it could be a birthday party, a family get together, a celebration of life, or a religious celebration. No matter the celebration for your portable sanitation need Mesa Waste Services has you covered we understand the importance of on time, reliable, and affordable portable sanitation solutions below you will find some of the solutions we have to make your celebration comfortable and enjoyable for all those in attendance.

Portable Toilet

One of our most popular service rentals for weddings, and celebrations is our standard portable toilet, with a sink. Our wedding portable toilet with a sink, has a in-unit sink incorporated into the design with a foot activated water pump and hand soap dispenser.  Making this the ideal wedding bathroom! This is perfect for your guests to feel as though they are using a standard bathroom except with the convenience of being able to place this anywhere. We have included a handy chart at the bottom of the page to help you figure out how many portable toilets you will need based off the length of your event, and how many people will be there. Our portable toilets for a wedding are excellent in all regards!

Solar Toilet

One of our more luxurious options is our solar trailer toilet, these units either come in either dual or quad unit. These units are beautiful, easily placed anywhere, and some units even include air conditioning. Below are some of the features.

• Incandescent Lighting • 10×13″ Oval Sink
• Fresh Water Flush
• Switchmat Activation • Self-Closing Faucet
• Built-In Trash Receptacle • In Use Light
• Weather-Proof Carpet
• Durable Plastic Skids
• Solar Powered

Restroom Trailer

For extremely large weddings or celebrations, you may want to rent one of our restroom trailers for weddings, depending upon your specific needs and those in attendance you can get a pretty standard trailer with private stalls, air conditioning flushable toilets, and running water sinks. Or you could get one of our v.i.p. trailers with separate entrances for men and women, urinals, and stalls for the mens side, granite counter tops, porcelain toilets and a variety of other amenities. A wedding restroom trailer will be sure to wow those in attendance!

Regardless of what equipment you may decide to use let Mesa Waste Services be part of your special day in providing what we help with best. Or to find out luxury porta potty rental cost Request a quote, or give us a call if you have any questions, our experienced team members will be more then happy to help!

How Many Portable Toilets Do I Need for Number of Guests at Wedding, or Celebration?