Solar Self Contained Units

  • Solar Powered Porta Potty
  • Solar Powered Restroom Interior
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Rent one of our premiere VIP solar trailers. Available in 2, or 4 units, our VIP solar trailers do not require a water or a power source. May not be available in all areas. Request a quote today!

Solar Toilet

Our fully self contained units come in a wide range of designs. Some use pump action and can be temporarily plumbed to larger fresh water reservoirs and black water holding tanks. Others break down waste using the same naturally occurring principal as mulching. Some also come with the option of air conditioning. Others contain a small incinerator that converts the waste to ash. Newer solar powered units like the item pictured below can be rented as dual or quad VIP restrooms on trailers. Some of the features include

• Incandescent Lighting

• 10×13″ Oval Sink

• Fresh Water Flush

• Switchmat Activation

• Self-Closing Faucet

• Built-In Trash Receptacle

• In Use Light

• Weather-Proof Carpet

• Durable Plastic Skids

• Solar Powered